Saturday, 7 December 2013

I have a new Cluster Frame for you
Made from my Xmas Time kit
My kits are available from

This is the tag I made with the Cluster Frame


Friday, 6 December 2013

We are getting into the Holiday Season
Here is a preview of my Xmas Kit
Its a large kit with 130 Elements, 15 Papers and 6 frames
Happy creating of all your lovely tags with this kit
You can find this kit and all my other kits at

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hi everyone

Just dropped in to let you all know I am still around

My health hasn't been good, was in hospital and had surgery

I am recovering now but still have a way to go

I hope to be able to get back into my psp soon

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Chasing The Blues

A wonderful Collab that a lot of designers including

myself contributed too.

 For a very special lady called Patty Beyer

She is dealing with a lot hardship at the moment

We hope the sale of this kit helps to ease the pain a little

You can buy this HUGE kit for only $10.00 

From These Stores

1.Whisprd Designz ~
2.Berry Applicious -
3.Pimpin' PSPers Warehouse-
4.Ann Montgomery
5.Mystical Scraps -
6.P4DSDesignz -
7.Scrap Sisters -
8.Treasured Scraps -
9.Taggers Delight -
10.Your Scrap Addiction -
11.Honored Scraps -
12.Scraps From The Heart -

Contributing Designers 
Just letting you all know
I have been very busy with health issues
Both mine and Hubby's
And all the traveling involved in going for,
Tests and Doctors and Specialists, 
it has also affected my Mojo
I did do my part in another collab
I hope to post details a little later
I am still doing a tag from the kit to show it of
Its only about 3 weeks late being posted

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Jenn's Garden Collab

This amazing Collab has been put together from a vast amount of Designers and CT Staff for our Dear Friend, Jennifer Kay.
Jenn has been having a very hard time with things recently and this is our way of showing her how much we all love her.

All proceeds from the sale of this Collab will be going directly to Jenn. Please show your support for a wonderful lady and purchase this awesome Collab.

This collab is a massive 541MB in total! It has something for everybody.

How large is the collab, you ask? 

It's true. This collab is SO HUGE, we couldn't preview it all on one... it just wasn't going to fit!

And lets not forget the CT Team's input also included in the Collab!

Lets all show our love and support and also a huge Thank you to everyone that has been involved in this massive task.

Cost: $10.00

This Collab is now available to purchase from the following Stores:

Berry Applicious: LIVE LINK!

Sweet Pin-Up: LIVE LINK!
Sensibility Scrapping: LIVE LINK!

Scrapz N Stuff: LIVE LINK!

Bee-NCreative4Less: LIVE LINK!

Designers who contributed:

ScrapWorx (*CT also)

Jenny's Designz 

Rabid Designz 

Kissing Kate 

Batschi Batschis Poser-Design

Scrapz N Stuff 



Deborah Morgan 

Kizzed By Kelz (*CT also)

Naughty's Creations

MissieDawn (*CT also)

Drea's Creations 

Jane721 Daz Studio Designs

ChocUkDesigns (*CT also)


Inzpired Creationz

Moonshine Dezinez

Venomous Creations

Michelle's Myths

Sassy Graphics



Designs by Claudia

Cherry Berry

CT Members:


Robyne's Elegant Designs 


Numee's Creative Shangrila

Collab Preview by: Mrs. W. (Mouse-Clicks)

Thank you to all of those who helped to put this together.

Here is my part of the collab

This is the tag I made with part

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hello my Friends

Just wanted to let you know,
my scrapkits are on sale.
PFD till 5th of August
 You can find them here
 PFD  And  SPU


Monday, 22 July 2013

Cluster Frame

From my PTU kit "Lexi"

Made this kit for my Great Granddaughter

Sweet - Soft - Cuddly and just Adorable

Cluster Frame

From my PTU kit " Surfs UP"

Ct Tags made from my new PTU Scrapkits


I used this cute tube by Eugene Rzhevskii

"Surfs Up"

I used the gorgeous mermaid tube from Zlata Ma

New 2 PTU Scrapkit in my Stores

" LEXI "

Named after my 4 1/2 month old
Great Granddaughter
The kit is sweet and cuddly like her
Sweet-Pin-Up HERE
Pics For Design HERE

Kit 2

"Surfs Up"

A nautical kit
For all those Pirate and Mermaid tubes

Sweet-Pin-Up HERE
Pics For Design HERE

Guess my friend forgot about my blog
I am back
Came home with bad cold
and that turned into a chest infection
took me forever to get over it

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Just letting you all know
I wont be around the till end of June
A friend will hopefully find time in her busy shedule
To fix my blog for me
Would be a lovely surprise on my return
Keeping my fingers crossed
Not sure if I am taking my laptop even
As I wont have internet access where I am going
But I probably will so I dont get psp withdrawels
Hopefully I come back refreshed
And raring to go making kits and frames

Cluster Frame made from my PTU kit

Ct Tag using my Cluster Frame
made from my PTU kit

Sunday, 26 May 2013


New PTU Scrapkit in my Stores


Sweet-Pin-Up HERE
Pics For Design HERE
The Scrappin Box HERE

Cluster Frame and show of tag hopefully tomorrow.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

CT Tag

Ct Tag showof made from my Cluster Frame


Using the gorgeous tube by Zlata M


Cluster Frame from my PTU kit

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


New PTU Scrapkit in my Stores


Sweet-Pin-Up HERE
Pics For Design HERE
The Scrappin Box HERE

Cluster Frame and show of tag soon.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Show Of Tag

Show of Tag and Avatar, made with Cluster Frame
from my PTU kit " Shades Of Pink"
Made this for 2 very pinky Ladies.
Hope u like what I made with kit.

Shades Of Pink

As promised my new cluster frame from my PTU kit
I hope you like the frame I made with the kit
Please leave some love

Monday, 20 May 2013

New PTU Scrapkit in my Stores


Sweet-Pin-Up HERE
Pics For Design HERE
The Scrappin Box HERE

Cluster Frame and show of tag soon.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cluster Frame made with my PTU Scrapkit
" Shades Of Blue"
Also a tag made from the Cluster Frame
And as I love Blue I made the tag for me
I have a very busy week this coming week
So wont be around to much
But I hope to start work on another kit

As you can see I am doing a " Shades Of " Series
This Cluster frame is from my PTU Kit " Shades Of Cyan"
Well I am terrible at thinking up names for my kits.

I also made a tag and av, for my dear friend Linda
Using the Art by Alex Prihodko
Hope you like it hon

CT Tags from my new Cluster Frame
Made from my PTU Scrapkit
"Shades Of Cyan"

I used the tube Happy Dana
You can find the Tube and Kit at SPU HERE

I have a new PTU kit in my stores

Sweet-Pin-Up HERE
Pics For Design HERE
The Scrappin Box HERE

As you probably noticed I am doing a shades series
This kit compliments the other kits in my Shades Series.
A gorgeous kit, with some beautiful shades of blue.

I hope to have some Cluster Frames from these 2 kits soon.



Saturday, 11 May 2013

I have a new PTU kit in my stores

Sweet-Pin-Up HERE
Pics For Design HERE
The Scrappin Box HERE


A gorgeous kit, full of calming soft greens.
78 Elements, 9 Papers and 6 Frames
It will give you hours of pleasure.
Creating some awesome tags in subtle green tones.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New Tag

Made myself a tag from my new Cluster Frame
From my PTU kit Shades Of Purple
I used the wonderful art from alex Prihodko

Shades Of Purple

Shades Of Purple

Cluster Frame, made from my Ptu Kit,
Shades Of Purple.
In my stores now, another good size kit.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I have a new PTU kit in my Stores
Shades of Purple , 88 Elements, 10 Papers, 6 Frames.
You can make some Gorgeous tags with this kit.
I hope to have a Cluster Frame tomorrow from the kit.

PicsForDesign PFD
Sweet-Pin-Up SPU
The Scrappin Box TSB

Saturday, 4 May 2013

This is the CT tag I made with my Cluster Frame
I think it turned out ok.

Another new Cluster Frame for you all to play with.
This time I used the Gorgeous Scrapkit by Jenn's Designs
Fairytales is a PTU kit with some lovely soft colours
You can buy Jenn's kit HERE

Friday, 3 May 2013


Ct Tags from my Seeing Red Cluster Frame
Made from my Seeing Red PTU Kit
Using the lovely Camilla tube by Verymany


Here is my Seeing Red Cluster Frame
Its Red , Black and White
Hope you like it


Ct Tags made with my Steamy Cluster Frame
Using the Steampunk Girl Tube by Verymany


As Promised a Free Cluster Frame
From my Steamy PTU Scrapkit

New Scrapkits

I have 2 new scrapkits in my stores

A large Steampunk kit
The name says it all

I hope to have Cluster Frames for you tomorrow
And some show of tags from the Clusters.